Weber State men’s basketball announced on May 16 that head coach Randy Rahe is ending his 16 year tenure and retiring alongside his wife Laura Rahe. Laura is closing out her career as a Division I basketball referee and professor at Weber State.

Randy and Laura Rahe.
Randy and Laura Rahe. Photo credit: WSU Athletics

Laura Rahe spent the majority of her career officiating women’s games in the Mountain West Conference.

“Laura is a lot better at her job than I am at mine,” Randy Rahe said.

Eric Duft was named head coach of the program and was previously Randy Rahe’s longtime associate head coach. This past 2021-22 season was Dufts 16th season as a part of the Weber State coaching staff.

The decision to call it quits came quick and clear after realizing the love he had for the game and coaching wasn’t the same. Coach Rahe was on vacation in South Carolina at the time.

“I didn’t feel the same way about it, I didn’t have the same passion and excitement.” Randy Rahe said. “I always said if I lose any of that, I’ll know it’s time to go.”

Coach Rahe leaves Weber State and the Big Sky Conference as the winningest coach after collecting 316 wins, four Big Sky Coach of the Year awards and leading the school to five Big Sky Championships.

Randy Rahe celebrating at the Dee Events Center.
Randy Rahe celebrating at the Dee Events Center. Photo credit: WSU Athletics

In his final year at the helm, Randy Rahe led the Wildcats to his ninth 20th win season all while collecting his 300th win and coaching his 500th game at Weber State. They are the only coach in the Big Sky Conference with this accomplishment.

Looking back on his career at Weber State, Randy Rahe is most proud of doing things the right way.

“I just wanted to run a program in what I felt was the right way,” Randy Rahe said. “Try to do it with character and integrity and bring in great kids, graduate kids, follow the rules.”

Randy Rahe started his coaching career at Colorado College in 1988 before heading to the University of Colorado in 1989, Rahe then headed to the University of Denver in 1990. Rahe linked with Stew Morrill at Colorado State and the two of them found themselves in Utah.

Randy Rahe with Dillon Jones.
Randy Rahe with Dillon Jones. Photo credit: WSU Athletics

Starting his career up north at Utah State, Randy Rahe spent six seasons with the Aggies before finding himself as an assistant coach for the University of Utah in 2004. In 2006 Rahe took over at Weber State and stayed in Ogden to raise his family.

Looking ahead, the Rahe’s look forward to a trip around Italy but don’t have too many plans after that. They have thrown around the idea of traveling Europe to watch past players who are now playing professionally.

“We’re going to keep expanding rather than expiring,” Laura Rahe said. “I can’t wait.”

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