Computer literacy, going beyond the basics

Science & Tech

Computers are used every day for just about every task imaginable, including work, school and recreation. In fact, most people carry one around their pocket. However, as ubiquitous as they are, many […]

Be thankful for your life this Thanksgiving


Imagine feeling like the only way to feel normal is by controlling what and how you eat. No one can even begin to understand what you are going through, not even those you love. They think […]

Recycling Shouldn’t be Limited to One Day

Science & Tech, Sustainability

There are over 30 days in a year dedicated to serving our planet. Over the weekend on Nov. 15 American’s got the chance to celebrate planet Earth by recycling on America Recycles […]

Bob King se jubila después de 40 años de servicio

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El equipo de Soluciones Académicas de Tecnología Creativa, conocido como CATS,  se despidió de  un miembro valioso e importante la semana pasada. Bob King ha estado con el grupo CATS […]

Age of the inventor: Join the Maker Movement

Science & Tech

Our world is getting more technologically advanced and not just for scientists and the military. While the advancement of technology can be exciting, it can also leave people feeling intimidated. A new […]