Not-so-Signpost: Food fight

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Since the dawn of The Signpost, an ongoing debate in our newsroom has been that all foods should fit into one of four categories: sandwich, soup, salad and the recent […]

Not-so-Signpost: The Haunting of Hank

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A mysterious reflection was seen in the pond in Lindquist Plaza on the evening of March 25. The reflection appeared to be in the shape of a moose, yet no […]

Not-so-Signpost: So, your boyfriend’s a cactus. What now?

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Due to a freak occurrence, a new gas-virus named Cactian Superfluous is spreading with great speed across America. This is due to an unnamed individual from Florida who was reported […]

Trump Tracker: You can’t afford not to download this

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  App: Trump Tracker Cost: Priceless Available: For those with a brain Description: Trump Tracker is an app designed for those in the world who are fearful of a certain […]