Do you know your news? Jan. 26

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1. The Moderna team is working on a vaccine __________ for the new variant of the virus. A. Booster B. Patch C. Shot D. All of the above   2. […]

Getting in your business: Nye Lecture Series 2020

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This fall, the annual Ralph Nye Lecture Series, organized by The Goddard School of Business and Economics, continues online. The lectures are intended to inform and inspire. “This lecture series […]

Goddard School of Business welcomes dean Mouritsen

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Weber State selected Matthew Mouritsen as the Dean for the John B. Goddard School of Business on Dec. 19, 2019; however, Mouritsen has filled an interim dean position since June […]

WSU alumn succeeds through top business school

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Phoenix Children’s Hospital named Weber State University graduate Kari Cornicelli as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer in July of 2019. Phoenix Children’s Hospital is recognized as Arizona’s premier […]