Limpiando el aire: serie de la sostenibilidad enfrenta la polución de Utah

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La serie de sostenibilidad de Weber State continuo el 16 de noviembre con una presentación titulada “Summer Wildfire Smoke and Wintertime Inversions.” Hal Crimmel, Brady Profesora de inglés y autor […]

Laughter at the Shaw Art Gallery, probably maybe.

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Whimsical, colorful, and hilarious are exactly what artist Ginger Wallace, Ogden native, is all about. From her too many fingered people, to her quirky titled paintings, she helps patrons recognize […]

"Wit" to teach empathy through cancer patient's journey

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As students, we come in contact with dozens of people every day. Professors. Fellow students. The guy who makes your coffee. Family. The parking attendant. Friends. Sometimes it’s much easier […]

Abstract Academic: In which the turkey defends his right not to be eaten

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Greetings, friends, ladies and gentle-creatures of the Grand Forest Council. Chairman Raccoon, Vice President Spotted Owl and Secretary Ground Squirrel, I thank you for putting off more popular issues like […]