Combatiendo la ansiedad de matemática

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Muchas personas, en particular los estudiantes, tienen desafíos con la ansiedad de matemática. Por definición, ansiedad matemática es la angustia emocional y la desorganización mental que sucede cuando tienen que […]

Doing a number on math anxiety

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Many people, especially students, struggle with math anxiety. By definition, math anxiety is the emotional distress and mental disorganization that happens when faced with solving a math problem. According to […]

Developmental math program, one size does not fit all

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In 2012, computer science major Frankie Ruttenbur was enrolled in the developmental math program. She was taking Math 950 and struggled throughout the class, especially when it came time to […]

Math Professor Awarded for Hard Work and Research

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Matthew Ondrus, Weber State math professor, is the winner of The Mathematical Association of America Intermountain Section Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics. Ondrus received the award […]

Science degrees not popular but lucrative

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The college of science might have the fewest number of graduates at Weber State University, but these students have huge earning potential once they graduate. Graduation numbers might suggest students […]