The future is now: LGBTQ+ characters in science fiction

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Science fiction has offered viewers and readers glimpses of futuristic lifestyles since its inception. In recent years, LGBTQ+ characters in the realm of science fiction have demonstrated that social progression […]

STEM Students Survive Space at Expo

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Neither rain nor snow kept families and students away from the Northern Utah STEM Career and College Expo held at the Davis Conference Center on Monday. In a packed event […]

'Reading Rainbow' earns over $5 million in Kickstarter donations

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The popular 1990s children’s show “Reading Rainbow” is making a comeback into classrooms and homes through the support of the general public by donations through a kickstarter. Jennifer Caldwell, a […]

Summer blockbusters: The good, the bad, the guilty pleasures

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Every year, without fail, summer blockbusters invade the movie theaters, marching their big-budget, post-produced glamour through America. It’s become as American a tradition as standardized artillery on the Fourth of […]