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Student service organizations showcased the many opportunities that are offered to students in the Shepherd Union Building Wednesday.

“The issue that we face is that students don’t take the time to investigate these services until they need them, and we want students to know that they are there, and that now is the time to investigate these opportunities,” said Nikki Nicholas, the coordinator of Union Programs. “If you are struggling now, now is the time to get the tutoring and utilize the services offered.”

During the third annual Student Services Expo, students could learn a little more about tutoring an other services their student fees support.

“Students may not know how to access tutoring, or what recreational activities are available to them, and this expo’s purpose is to show the many different services that they can get involved in,” said Nikki Nicholas, the coordinator of Union Programs.

A few of other programs that are subsidized by student fees include the Performing Arts department, the Student Wellness Center, Tutoring, Career Services Center, Counseling Center, the Stress Relief Center, the Non-Traditional Student Center, Supplemental Instruction and Campus Recreation.

Each department offers different programs and opportunities to help students get on the road to success, and to also get them feeling a part of the WSU community.

“I did know a little bit about the services here on campus through all of the advertising during the first week of school, but other than that, I didn’t know that much,” said Traci Lemon, a sophomore majoring in biology composite teaching. “It’s my first year here at Weber State and I’m really excited and want to get involved.”

Greg Nielsen, the associate director of the Career Services Center, agreed with Nicholas that students don’t realize that these services are open and available to them.

For example, the Career Service Center’s main goal is to help undeclared students declare their major and, for those that already know what they are going into, give the help that is needed to explore what is available to them in their department.

“We want students to know that in the Career Services Center, we work with all students; anyone from freshmen to senior year,” said Nielsen.

The Career Services Center can also help with locating full-time and part-time jobs and internships for interested students. Even after graduation, it can help students establish employment that is within their majors.

In the Performing Arts department, WSU students and faculty are eligible for discounted and even free tickets to all performing arts events, including shows by the WSU Orchestra, the Orchesis Dance Theatre and Utah-based performances like Ballet West and the Utah Symphony.

Students are encouraged to join the Student Fees Recommendation Committee if they are interested in having a say in how student fees are split across the university.

For more information on services offered, students can visit the WSU website under the Student Life and Services tab or contact Nikki Nicholas at nnicholas@weber.edu.

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