Located on the second floor of the Shepherd Union Building, Wildcat Lanes is a little-known student recreation center.

Wildcat Lanes is home to eight bowling lanes, 12 billiard tables, an air hockey table and several video games, all at costs lower on average than similar recreation centers in the community. Wildcat Lanes is not only a place for students to hang out, but also home to Weber State University’s bowling club and team.

“I work here, I bowl on the team here, and it’s just a friendly environment,” said Mark Mandell, Wildcat Lanes employee and bowling club secretary. “There are always students in here hanging out, doing homework. It’s just the place to hang out.”

According to Caleb Scott, bowling club treasurer, members come to Wildcat Lanes to be with friends, meet new people, and brush up on bowling skills with their coach and adviser, Fred Meaders.

“I like the one-on-one coaching students get,” he said. “You don’t even have to try out. Just join the club. Bowling here is a great way to meet new people and just have fun.”

Members say that anyone is welcome to watch the club during any practice times, which are usually on Monday and Thursday from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

“Students can improve a lot because we have all of the resources right on campus,” said Scott McIntire, bowling club president. “Once you pay your club dues every semester, you can come four days a week and bowl for two hours. When you’re part of the club, you get a free bowling ball on top of that as well.”

A spot on the team, however, requires tryouts and a certain amount of skill. The team is expected to travel and play in tournaments.

“We have three tournaments this month,” said Shaun Reeve, club vice president and a frequent patron of the lanes.

Club members encourage students to come see what Wildcat Lanes is all about.

“It’s fun,” said Mandell. “It’s the thing to do. It’s a great place to come and hangout. It’s a good way to get away from class for a while.”

McIntire echoes Mandell, saying, “The atmosphere is great. It’s on campus and you’re bowling with your peers. I bowl at the Union alley because it’s a great time with friends.”

Apart from the fun atmosphere, games, food and friends, lane bumpers are available for students who hate throwing gutter balls.

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