Social media is used for many different purposes, from networking to advertising. At Weber State University, student recruiters now use social media to contact future students. Facebook, YouTube and blogs are becoming new avenues for student recruiters to reach future students.

“E-mail is a thing of the past,” said student ambassador Connor Harrison. “For most people, it’s still important, but communication is online and in front of everybody.”

Student Recruitment has a mobile application as well, which will essentially allow students to apply to WSU on their mobile devices. They will also see important dates and activities happening on the WSU campus.

“If you want to reach your target audience, especially high-school students, it will be through social media,” said admissions adviser Patrick Moody.

Another thing in development is a Quick Response code, so that students with iPhones or iPads can scan the code and get the application on their tablet devices as well.

Student recruiters formed a Facebook page called “Get Into Weber.” This page has links which connect future students directly to the WSU application process. There is also a link for the WSU Twitter and YouTube sites as well. The Facebook page also allows students to ask student recruiters a question, and student recruiters have the ability to reply to them.

Last spring, recruiters attempted student blogs and found they received a lot of online traffic. Because of this, recruiters said they wanted to continue with student blogs this semester. There are currently six bloggers, who are blogging about their college experience at WSU.

“The purpose of the blogs is to connect with students, of course, but not necessarily show the academic side of Weber, but to show student life,” Harrison said.

One reason for the blogs is to show potential students what life at WSU is like.

“It shows students in state and out of state what student life would be like if they came to Weber State,” said student ambassador Kellie Aldridge.

Moody stressed the importance of being truthful in the blogs.

“In their posts, I want them to, three times out of the month, talk about what they are challenging, being honest about stuff, because we can’t just paint a rosy picture about Weber State,” he said.

Moody said he believes it is important to blog about student life and not just about WSU.

“We don’t want the blog to be a promo for Weber State, because then kids would stop reading.”

Moody has extended an invitation to WSU students who would like to help the Student Recruitment Center with the merging of social media.

“If they can help in our efforts, we really need content. If someone wants to help us with our YouTube, we are looking for talented students who can edit, film and write. We also want to give the truest perspective about Weber State.”

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