[media-credit name=”Aimee Smith” align=”alignright” width=”300″][/media-credit]Finals week is that scary time of the semester when students find out if they’ve got what it takes to pass their classes.

Every class approaches finals differently. Some professors plan a cumulative test at the end of the semester. Some plan a final project that needs to be completely polished to get high marks. Some even have parties at the end of the semester.

So what’s the secret to getting through finals? Some Weber State University students described their methods for surviving the week.

WSU student Logan Zaring answered that question by shaking his coffee cup. “I have no life,” he said.

When pulling an all-nighter, many students said they load up with a Rockstar energy drink or a cup of coffee.

Pulling all-nighters can work to an extent, but according to recent research, students really need sleep so they can focus when test time actually comes. A USA Today report said college students need at least ten hours of sleep per night. For some students, that can seem like a lot of time wasted when they have a pass or fail hanging over their head.

Organization can also be key in keeping stress levels low for students. Know when your tests are open at the testing center and know when your assignments are due. Throwing together a last minute diorama or 10-page essay is going to almost always result in a bad grade.

“I plan out which order I’ll take my finals,” said student Taylor Frost.

Obviously study courses that are tougher, but don’t skip over that easy class that you know you’ll pull an A in. Those are the kinds of classes that can sneak up on you and pull something out of the water that you weren’t expecting.

Study sessions with friends and fellow classmates can be helpful, as long as everyone is there to study, not to hang out. Organize a study session at a library or public place without a lot of distraction where you and your friends need to focus and keep quiet.

Most importantly, students need to try and stay positive when preparing for finals. All that stress can freak a person out and make them perform at lower standards. Keep your head up, study hard and know there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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