Weber State University’s sorority Delta Chi Omega sat down at Village Inn on Tuesday night, but instead of feasting on pie, it sat down to raise awareness and money for cancer treatment and research.

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Weber State University students Hilary Robertson and Alissa Drummond sell Relay for Life bracelets at Village Inn during a fundraiser in which 10 percent of all restaurants proceeds went to the charity.

This WSU sorority sent volunteers to the South Ogden Village Inn to participate in a fund-raising activity for the Relay for Life. Between the hours of 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. that night, anything that was ordered by customers at Village Inn had 10 percent of its proceeds donated to the fundraiser for the upcoming Relay for Life. This event is a run sponsored by the American Cancer Society, which is an organization dedicated to helping people fight cancer.

Like many sororities, Delta Chi Omega requires its members to engage in philanthropy or acts of charity every year. For many years now, it has been working for the Relay for Life to raise money in the fight against cancer. None of the money raised goes toward the sorority. Instead, all of it is donated toward the Relay for Life fundraiser. Volunteers from the sorority not only attend events such as the one at Village Inn, but also sponsor tables on the WSU campus in the weeks leading up to Relay for Life.

“And we thought it would be probably one of the most beneficial things to help people fight against cancer,” said Delta Chi Omega volunteer and WSU junior Hilary Robertson. “It’s something that has been going on for so long, and we feel that we need to help out with it. Relay for Life is something that we’ve been doing for every single year.”

The sorority members also spent the evening selling jelly bracelets to customers at the restaurant, the profits of which are also going to go to the Relay for Life. The bracelets were geared with quips written on them that targeted the fight against breast cancer. The sorority sold smaller ones that read “Save the tatas” and larger ones that read “Save second base.”

“We try to find something that is appealing to our generation,” Robertson said, explaining the messages on the bracelets. She went onto say that the sorority tried to design the bracelets so that younger people would be attracted to them, while older generations would still also be intrigued by them.

Alissa Drummond, another volunteer for the night’s event and a junior at WSU, explained the personal benefit she got out of tabling at Village Inn.

“I think the biggest personal benefit is just knowing that you helped do something so big and raise so much money for something that needs help with research,” Drummond said. “Every day people are diagnosed with cancer and this is helping people solve the problem and get the help that they need.”

The members of Delta Chi Omega stated that the sorority would be continuing to sponsor a table and sell bracelets to raise money and awareness until the Relay for Life event at WSU. This event is expected to occur at the end of March.

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