Students, friends and families filled the Swenson Gym on Friday night during Weber State University Campus Recreation’s annual Late Night at the Gym.

Samantha Stratton, a sophomore who works for the Campus Recreation Office, said Late Night at the Gym is a family-friendly activity that encourages students and families to get out and be active.

“It’s a fun activity where you can bring your family, and it’s for students,” she said. “It’s just something that gets people out. It gets them to the gym and lets them know what we have to offer.”

The activities started at 7 p.m. with dodgeball and an inflatable course set up for children in the gym, while an egg dive took place in the swimming pool.

Stratton said they plan family activities earlier in the evening and most people show up after the family activities are over.

“It usually starts picking up around 9,” Stratton said. “We have family activities that start around 7, but the later it gets, the more people show up.”

Later in the night, students could climb the rock wall or play goal ball, volleyball or indoor soccer, among other activities in the gym.

Many families were at the gym. Children were able to play in an inflatable bounce house, play tag and swim throughout the night.

Stratton said this is the second time she has done Late Night at the Gym and wanted to come back since she enjoys seeing people have fun at the gym. She said she hopes that people will see how much fun they can have at the gym.

“I like to interact and meet a lot of people,” she said. “It’s kind of fun to see who comes out.”

One of the most popular attractions in Swenson Gym was the rock wall.

Sophomore Aaron Bott, who was helping people learn to climb, said it was fun to see new people learning. He said most of the people at the rock wall had never climbed before.

“It’s grand, it is sweet . . . it’s been fun to talk to a lot of people about climbing,” Bott said. “There are a lot of inexperienced people here. Almost everyone hasn’t been here before.”

Bott said his experience was fun, and he’d want to come back next year.

WSU sophomore Jon Wells, who was attending the Late Night at the Gym event for the first time, said he enjoyed all the different things that were available to do, but his favorite was the inflatable obstacle course.

“It was fun,” Wells said. “I’m exhausted now, though. It was hard getting over the wall. Everything here has been fun. I’d definitely come back.”

Stratton said she hopes that following the Late Night at the Gym, more students will come to Swenson Gym, which offers activities and intramural sports throughout the year.

Swenson Gym is free for WSU students and offers fitness classes, intramural sports, the climbing wall and a pool for members of the Ogden community. For more information regarding gym activities and operating hours, students can visit or call 801-626-7967.

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Guests take climbing lessons at the Swenson Gym for Friday's Late Night at the Gym.
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