All things must come to an end, good or bad. Elementary school and playing with Barbies, junior high and stupid petty drama, high school and the end of life with minimum responsibilities, all ended. I am now in my senior year of college. All fall semester, I’ve been asked, “When are you graduating?” My reply: “Oh, in the spring.” It hasn’t mattered how often I say that; it never really hit me how close it truly was until last weekend, at the last home volleyball game.

When I first started at The Signpost in the fall of 2010, I was a lowly sports reporter. My beat assignment: women’s volleyball. I didn’t know much about volleyball, but I covered one game and I was hooked. Volleyball had the best fans, the best athletes and the best coaching staff (they still do). Since that first match, I have covered volleyball for the last three years. I’ve gained some new friends, a lot of respect, and had a lot of fun.

Halfway through the last volleyball home game of this season, I realized this was the last time I would ever cover Weber State University women’s volleyball. I sent out this tweet: “I’m graduating in the spring. I just realized this will be the last @WeberStateVB game I will ever cover at the Swenson Gym #growingup.” (Feel free to follow me @CorieSueH. Give me a shout-out if you read my column regularly, #playinonpurple.)

I interviewed the seniors about their last home game, and I watched them tear up and explain all the good times they are going to miss, but they’re still excited for the next chapter in their lives. It was really sad and, with those words, I realized how close the end really is.

The end of this semester is three weeks away. Where did this fall 2012 semester go? I feel like it was yesterday when this semester started. It feels like last week I was making “summer fun” videos for Studio 76. Now Christmas, the Justin Bieber concert and my birthday are right around the corner. Time is going to fly by and, before I know it, it really will be the end of my time in college. I will be a graduate of Weber State University.

I know I still have several months before I actually graduate, but I realized the end is near-ish. I never thought I would even get to the point of being close to graduating. Now I have registered for my last semester . . . ever.

With the end as near as it is, and I’ve actually realized how close it is, I am planning on making the most of these next five months. Soak it all in and enjoy it. The end is near (I probably won’t even graduate, because of the world ending on Dec. 21), and both the end and the time leading up to the end are going to be amazeballs.

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