(photo by Tyler Brown) Keynote speaker Devin Graham gives a class at Wildcat Tech Expo
(Photo by Tyler Brown)
Keynote speaker Devin Graham gives a class at the Wildcat Tech Expo.

Weber State University students gathered in the Wildcat Theater on Wednesday for “Tips and Tricks with Devin Graham,” one of the many activities offered at the Wildcat Tech Expo this year.

Melissa Moyle from the campus TV station attended the class to learn how to better publicize Studio 76.

“I’m excited to have this help us figure out publicity,” she said. “We need to work on getting more views, and I think this should help to figure out how to work YouTube.”

Famous YouTube uploader Devin Graham, better known by his YouTube name of Devin SuperTramp, debuted his YouTube channel a little less than two years ago and has already captured 1.5 million subscribers with his videos.

“I just wanted to learn different techniques and his attitude on things,” said student Tucker Cragun. “His videos are awesome, he does a good job. I just came to see what I can learn.”

Graham’s most famous videos, such as “Assassin’s Creed Meets Parkour in Real Life” and “The World’s Largest Rope Swing,” have more than 20 million views.

Graham was not the only local celebrity present at the class, though. Local inventor Ryan Crabtree, who also taught a class at the expo, came to see how Graham could help him with his already successful business.

“I recently did a Kickstarter project and did some of the filming myself for the project, so I just wanted to learn some tips and tricks from Devin,” Crabtree said.

Graham, who was also the keynote speaker, began the class with asking the audience members what kind of cameras they used. He also asked how many knew some basic terms. This way he knew what kind of audience he was working with and how in depth he could go.

Graham explained the camera he uses and demonstrated to the audience the “duck walk” he does while filming. This was all done while trying to set up the PowerPoint to be projected during the class.

Once the projector was set up, it was on to business. Graham gave the crowd an exact description of the only things he adjusts on his camera to get the shots he gets, the first being the shutter speed. The closest shutter speed he can get using his camera is 1/50, while Hollywood videos are shot using 1/48.

Graham informed the crowd of his “trade secret,” which he says makes the biggest difference in his videos — a $200 best-available camera lens that enhances blues and greens and gets rid of reflections. Other things adjusted on the camera are the aperture/F-stop, color balance, picture style, ISO and frames per second.

While Graham knows how to work a camera like he knows the back of his hand, he admitted that he never actually read the instruction manual for any camera. His biggest advice to the class was to just do what works.

Graham encouraged aspiring filmmakers to find their own niche and film what they’re passionate about. He also said content is more important than equipment and to find talented people to film with.

While Graham may have left an impression on Wildcats, WSU also left an impression on him.

“We had a couple of technical difficulties, but it was really good,” he said. “Everyone participated, and it’s stuff that I love to talk about. Weber State is amazing. I didn’t realize how pretty it was here. I’ve never been before, and I got to see the duck pond with the fountain, and everyone had lots of energy.”

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