I see and hear complaining about Weber State and Ogden on Facebook and on the WSU Confessions page. Don’t trip; just get involved and get out more to enjoy life.

We have a sweet situation at Weber State. We are full of diversity, and provide lots of experiences with many different cultures and climates that you couldn’t get anywhere else.

Weber State University is full of nontraditional students, and I am one of the many. I have enjoyed my experience at Weber State even though it is filled with various group of people, ranging from traditional students from out-of-state or even out of the country to older married people with children and even retired people. I feel that this unique student base has enhanced my learning experience. I have had a great time here.

There are lots of things I love about WSU. I love the city that we’re in. Ogden is a blast and is one of Utah’s most diverse cities. There is a great local scene for entertainment, dining, art, and outdoor events and activities. The mountains and a great trail loop are literally in the backyard of WSU.

I am, however, getting tired of hearing and seeing people complaining about the culture here in Utah and on campus. There are a lot of people who practice the LDS church and openly let you know when you are different than them, but I would say that for every one of them, there are three or four more LDS people who sit back and let it be.

I agree with some statements on the Weber State Confessions Facebook page: Some LDS people could be a bit more understanding of others’ beliefs and lifestyles, but it can be vice versa as well. People can team up on LDS people and judge or criticize them just as badly. The most important thing is to understand that everyone can be what they want to be. Isn’t that the American dream? To live in a land that is free to pursue happiness the way you want to? To practice whatever religion you want to? You chose to come here, you had an idea of what it would be like. Get over it.

There are a lot of smokers on campus. They just so happen to take up the area that I walk on frequently, and although I strongly disagree with them and despise inhaling their smoke, I’ve learned to accept they will be smoking. Expecting to walk from the union building to Elizabeth Hall and expecting not to inhale cigarette smoke is like going to the bar and expecting everyone to be sober — it’s not going to happen. As annoying as inhaling their smoke is, they have choices and their freedoms too. Temporarily or not, they can still smoke there if they feel like they want to. Just hold your breath for 25 steps when you walk by them if you are so worried about it. Yes, I agree it’s annoying — c’est la vie.

For those of you who complain about there being nothing to do on campus or in the community, please read the paper. Get involved. There are so many festivals, events, concerts and all sorts of happenings in the Ogden area and in the community. There is a massive trail system to get out and appreciate the beautiful colors of autumn. There are three ski resorts and 5-10 golf courses within a 30-minute drive from WSU.

There is so much to see and do, with a great downtown feel and literally miles of open space and wilderness at your fingertips. Get out and enjoy it. Quit fighting and complaining about each other, and do something fun and helpful in the community.

If nothing else, let’s all, regardless of what we believe, accept and appreciate each others’ differences and get involved on campus and in the community. Get out and enjoy life; don’t be trippin’ on each other all the time!

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