(Source: Hellen Jones) The Weber Phi Alpha Theta chapter participated in the regional conference on Saturday, March 29, 2014, held at Brigham Young University.

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Club Carnival submission:

Phi Alpha Theta

Submitted by

Helen Elaine Jones, Chapter Secretary

Dear Editor,

The Weber Phi Alpha Theta chapter participated in the regional conference on Saturday, March 29, 2014, held at Brigham Young University.

There were six presenters representing the Weber chapter at the event. These participants andtheir topics included: Ben Robbins, “Right-to-Work and the Death of Utah Labor Unions in the 1950s-1970s;” Valerie Jacobson, “What is in A Name? Why Do We Give Names? Should it be the Renaissance or a renaissance?;” Christianna Disque, “The Renaissance Witch and the Catholic Church: Social Power and Control of the Supernatural;” Ian Crookston, “The Genesis of Uyghur Nationalism;” Andrew Hyder, “America’s Segregated Societies;” Helen Jones, “Out of Harm’s Way: Safeguarding European Children during World War II.”

The faculty advisor, Dr. Branden Little chaired the panel presentations on Labor History and Communism, and Dr. Nathan Rives chaired the panel presentations on The U.S. South and the Civil War. Avery Pince, the Weber State chapter president, cheered on her classmates presenting papers.

We took an opportunity to pose for a group picture before lunch with the help of Robert Lindsay, Southern Utah University.

When the presentations were completed, Christianna Disque won second place prize for best paper in the undergraduate category at the conference. The award of second place during this conference brings a well-deserved honor to Christianna, our charter, and the university.

When advisor Dr. Branden Little shared the conference award with the History Department faculty, he explained that Weber sent only six presenters to the conference as compared to the dozen presenters representing the University of Utah and BrighamYoung University, the nine from Utah State University, and one from Southern Utah

University. He was pleased to report the six Weber presenters represented this university very well.

We hope the Weber State Phi Alpha Theta chapter will be represented as well when the 2015 Phi Alpha Theta Regional Conference will be held at Weber State University during spring semester. Please consider submitting a paper on a history topic to present at the 2015 conference.

Helen Elaine Jones, Chapter Secretary


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