Members of the Weber State men's soccer club (black jerseys) compete against University of Oregon in the Regional Finals last fall.
(Source: Weber State University Men’s Soccer Facebook page)
Members of the Weber State men’s soccer club (black jerseys) compete against University of Oregon in the Regional Finals last fall.

One of the most successful club sports on campus will be looking for some new members this fall. The Weber State University men’s soccer team will be holding open tryouts as they look to continue a winning tradition.

The tryouts are going to be held Aug. 4-6, and will be held on the turf field on the south side of campus. The three-day tryouts will be held from 7-9 p.m., with the club encouraging the participants to arrive 30 minutes early on the first day to register.

“There will probably be cuts after the second and third day,” club vice president Braken Wooden said. “We are hoping to put together two teams, which could be around 45 players. “

It is not every day that students have the opportunity to not only try out but be a part of a team that can contend for a national championship year in and year out. The team has not only been a force in the state of Utah but nationally as they are among the contenders each season.

The  six-time national champs have been around the university for 20 years now. The team is coming off a season that was cut short due to a massive rainstorm that rained out the championship tournament. It was a rather sad ending to another successful season for the Wildcats.

During their last championship run in 2011 they defeated the University of Missouri in a shootout. Also, on that run they defeated schools from North Carolina, Connecticut and California. Not only did the team dominate the tournament, but they also won Most Valuable Player and Most Outstanding Goalkeeper as well. They ended that season with a record of 23-2-1 and another trophy in their cabinet.

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