The Energy & Sustainability Office at Weber State University is responsible for planning, creating and maintaining a sustainable university, educating the campus on sustainable practices and lifestyles and communicating regularly about WSU’s sustainability goals and progress.

One of WSU’s primary goals includes becoming a carbon-neutral campus by the year 2050.

To date Wildcats have made great strides in reducing the university’s greenhouse gas emissions and environmental impact but there is still more to do! Get involved by getting your office or department “green certified” through the Energy and Sustainability Office.

The green department program supports and rewards offices and departments that help Weber State achieve its progressive energy efficiency and sustainability goals. The Energy and Sustainability Office will provide a series of checklists and resources to help guide you through four levels of certification: bronze, silver, gold and of course, green! To learn more please  

 Also, be sure to mark your calendars to attend the 6th annual Intermountain Sustainability Summit in the Shepherd Union building on March 5-6. The sustainability summit brings together civic leaders, sustainability professionals, businesses, educators, students and interested public to learn, network and develop new strategies for implementing sustainability in homes and businesses. In the past, sessions have focused on sustainability topics such as air quality, renewable energy, energy efficiency, green building and recycling. To register and view summit information please go to:

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