One of the many things students have to pay for at the beginning of a semester is their student fees. Student fees, allocated by a special committee of  students and faculty, are used to provide different services to students to help them have a better experience in college. Some services not covered by student fees are paid for by government grants. Either way, these services listed below are provided to students at no cost.

Health Center

The Health Center is tucked away on the Ogden campus in the Student Service Center in room 190. Students may not know that this resource exists. The Health Center is available to help students who can’t afford healthcare otherwise.

If you have a cold or suspect that you have broken a bone, the Health Center is there to help. In order to receive services you must have a Wildcard and also registered for classes.

Counseling and Psychological Service Center

There are times in a student’s life where school can be overwhelming. Instead of trying to cope with anxiety or the stress of classes on your own, head over to the Counseling and Psychological Center.

The Counseling and Psychological Service Center offers services for individual counseling and family counseling and is located in the Student Service Center in suite 280.

Career Services

Students go to school with the intent of getting a job right after graduation. Weber State University’s Career Services makes that transition a lot less painful for any student attending college. They offer a variety of resources that can help a graduate successfully find employment once their college career is over.

They also offer counseling when you’re having trouble picking a major that is right for you. Check out their career source library if you want to discover different career paths. Career Services is located in the Student Service Center in suite 230.

Stress Relief Center

It’s not uncommon for students to feel overwhelmed by the stresses of school. If you’ve ever asked yourself what there was to do to relieve that nagging stress that’s preventing you from succeeding in school then look no further than the Stress Relief Center.

Located in the Swenson Complex in room 60, it can be a little hard to find, but there is a helpful video on the Stress Relief Center’s Facebook page instructing you on how to get to the center. They offer massage chairs and even a stress management library to help you shake the stress away.



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