“Paracosm” cover by Washed Out.  (Source: Sub Pop Records)

Have you ever been in a situation where you think the only thing that could help you make sense of life is to have that one song or album? You know, the one that perfectly represents exactly what you’re feeling?

Chances are you will be in desperate need of some great music to shed a little light on your situations. Here are my five album choices which I believe represent common situations that students may experience while here at WSU.


1. “Paracosm” by Washed Out

This album may dip into the hipster realm a bit, but it is definitely worth checking out. It’s absolutely perfect for those situations when you’ve been studying for that big test, stressing over a speech you have to present or dealing with first week of a new semester. Whatever the stressful situation is, this alternative album will be sure to relieve some tension from your mind. The song “It All Feels Right” is especially soothing and my personal favorite.


2. “Body Talk” by Robyn

Throughout their college experience, many students will be involved in relationships. But what happens when those relationships don’t go as planned? The break-up blues can really put a damper on the semester.

“Body Talk” is a dance album that will get you away from crying and eating a whole tub of ice cream, to busting out some sweet dance moves. The fourth song on the album, “Indestructible,” is one of the most popular songs on the album and also one of the catchiest. I personally believe it will help you get over that person who broke your heart and literally get you moving on t0 greater things.


3. “Golden – EP” by Parade of Lights

Just because it’s an EP doesn’t mean it’s not great. Only one word comes to mind when I hear this EP: energy. Each of the four alternative songs are filled with energy and excitement. “Golden” will make you want to celebrate those moments you worked so hard for, whether it be a test you just aced or a sports game you just conquered. If I were to favor any song from this EP, it would have to be the song “Golden.” It’s catchy tune and the lyrics make me want to dance and celebrate.


4. “The Cure: Greatest Hits” by The Cure

Many students may end up finding love during college. If you’re one of these lucky people, you’ll need an album that amplifies your love even more. I can think of no better alternative album to fill you up with love than this one. “The Cure” has been around for quite some time, and they have released some of the best love songs. It’s really hard to choose just one song from the album. So I narrowed it down to “Just Like Heaven” and “Lovesong”, both are exceptionally good and will make you want to push that replay button.


5. “A Town Called Paradise” by Tiesto

The weekend means a break from being in class, so naturally you’re going to want to dance. “Tiesto” is always bringing the best dance jams and this album is full of them. It’s all about cutting loose and living in the moment. We all know how important school work is, but let’s face it, sometimes we need to take a break from our studies to just have some fun.

The best song on the album would have to be “Red Lights.” It offers a refreshing melody and moving beats. If this album can’t make you dance, I’m not sure what will.

All five of these albums are quite different and offer something special within each one. They offer expression and a safe place for those emotions and feelings that we feel during our time in college.

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