Karli Rose Lowry and Allen Smith star in “The Waiters.” The play premieres this weekend at Good Company Theatre. (Source: Good Company Theatre)

Good Company Theatre’s new play “The Waiters” looks at the effects of technology on modern relationships.

Directed by Weber State University senior Trent Cox, the play follows three couples on dates, examining the different dynamics created by social media in their interactions. “The Waiters” explores both the malicious and benign uses of technology in relationships. The production shows the first date of a middle-aged pair who met online, as well as an attempt of reconciliation between a husband and wife who were unfaithful to one another with help from the Internet.

“A show about the difficulties of personal interactions in the digital age could not be more timely,” Alicia Washington, founder of Good Company Theatre, said in a statement. “’The Waiters’ is a thoughtful examination of just how much our personal lives are dictated by online communication.”

The play doesn’t just focus on the various dramas presented by the three different couples. It also attempts to provide insight through the titular character: the waiter. The waiter comments on the use of technology during each scene and provides transitions between the scenes of the one act play.

“I hope that when audience members come see the show they learn something in terms of dating and online relationships,” said Cox. “I think one of the things that attracted me to the script is that I am someone who is trying to date in a world of online dating. I had some questions coming into the show and hoped I could put some of what I’ve learned into the show.”

“The Waiters” is an original work by local writer J. A. Carter-Winward who uses the first lines of the author’s note on her webpage to give her take on digital-age relationships.

“In this world of instant gratification and technology, where exhibitionism poses as honesty and self-absorption parades as self-awareness, people are feeling more isolated than ever,” Winward said. Winward has authored several novels and books of poetry. “The Waiters” is her first play.

“The Waiters” premieres Friday, Sept. 5 at Good Company Theatre in Ogden. Tickets can be purchased at the door or online at goodcotheatre.com. “The Waiters” will be performed through Sept. 20 every Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m. as well as on Sundays at 4 p.m. “The Waiters” contains strong language and adult themes and is not recommended for younger audiences.

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