A deep blue that burns red is the best way to describe the music of Canadian singer-songwriter Cold Specks. As Al Spx (the name behind Cold Specks) ventures into a new realm, capturing the traditional deep blues and gospel sound of the South, Spx continues to add a certain class and modernity that is both dark and dreamy.Album-Art-for-Cold-Specks-Neuroplasticity

Her latest album, “Neuroplasticity,” released this week, featuring that cool and fiery style we’ve come to expect. “Neuroplasticity” gives you a psychological twist that exemplifies the complexities of the soul through lyrics of intense emotion and melodies of humanity’s darker side. Spx describes this journey as “doom soul.”

Cold Specks’ soulful voice clashes with subtle cacophonous beats, giving an almost cynical effect. I see her as a broken romantic. The opening track, “A Broken Memory,” is the best example of this, as a reoccurring saxophone melody emulates a shady mood.

“Following” is my favorite track on this album. Catchier and less gloomy, “Bodies at Bay” provides a tune that’s upbeat despite its goth-like thematic elements.

“Let Loose The Dogs” and “Absisto” are other tracks worth listening to.

Cold Specks knows how to entrance your psyche and wrap you up in a passion of dark hearts. A refreshing album, I give it 2.5 stars.

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