Five Crazy Headlines

From a satanic children’s book to pet piranhas, here are this week’s five crazy headlines!

  1. Caring thief saves homeless man from ATM blast

After robbing a convenience store, a gang of thieves in Sao Paolo, Brazil were caught on camera rigging an ATM to explode. The gang then hurried out of the blast zone when the homeless man wandered into danger, prompting one of the thieves to save the man’s life by pulling him to safety.

Whether the thieves were captured is unknown, but, based on the security footage, no one seemed to be hurt..

Source: MSN

  1. Satanic children’s book to be distributed to Florida schools

Responding to a Christian group distributing Bibles in public high schools, the Satanic Temple decided to spread their own message.

“The Satanic Children’s Big Book of Activities” is a children’s book created by the Satanic Temple intended to spread tolerance and dispel ignorance. It can be downloaded for free online.

Claiming justification from the first amendment, which establishes separation church and state, the temple demanded an equal chance to spread their message in schools.

Source: Think Progress

  1. Melbourne surfer accidentally solves crime while reporting theft to police

After reporting the theft of two of his surfboards to police, an Australian man ran right into the thief at the police station.

Ross Moresi had checked with local surfboard shops for his stolen goods and received confirmation from one shop that they had his boards. They gave him the thief’s name, Daniel Burne, and Moresi went to the police station to report him.

A few minutes later, Burne walked in checking for bail. He was arrested on the spot.

Source: ABC News Online

  1. First person to buy an iPhone 6 in Perth immediately drops it during TV interview

Jack Cooksey was the first man in line to get the iPhone 6 in Perth, Australia. As he was talking to a local news anchor, though, his excitement got the better of him and he dropped his purchase while on camera.

The iPhone did not look damaged but Cooksey seemed visibly flustered.

Source: MSN

  1. Louisiana man cited for possession of piranhas

Jonathan Currey didn’t want to settle for goldfish.

Law enforcement was informed Currey was in possession of piranhas in a fish tank last week. Currey was arrested and was confirmed to be in possession of five of the fish according to police.

The fine for conviction could range between $400 and $950. Apparently all Currey needed was a special permit.

Source: The Advertiser

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