Homecoming dance approaches and soon many of you will be searching for a special someone to take to the dance. Seems like the hard part, right? Actually, wrong. Once you have found a date (or convinced your significant other to attend) you have another problem to worry about: Saying something awkward, embarrassing or borderline creepy to your date.

Conversation can make or break a date. At this year’s dance try not to get caught with your foot in your mouth. If you have trouble distinguishing what is appropriate and what is really not appropriate to say, you are not alone! Nerves and anxiety can get the best of everyone. Here is a helpful list of phrases to avoid saying to your date:

1) “Is that what you’re wearing?”

Uh-oh. This is a loaded question, and it isn’t a good way to start off the evening. If you’re really concerned that you and your date aren’t going to be in sync when it comes to fashion, you can try coordinating with them before the dance. This is a better alternative than bringing it up right as you’re about to walk out the door.

2) “I want to have three kids . . . ”

This is a topic you want to avoid like the plague. Your date isn’t interested in discussing future children with you, especially if this is your first date! If you’re attempting to show them your maternal or paternal side, there are definitely better ways. For example, you could tell them a story about your favorite niece or nephew.

Kestly Bennet, a freshman studying education at Weber State University said, “It would be so awkward for them to share how many kids they wanted.”

This is definitely an awkward topic when approached from any angle. Remember to avoid it during your date.

3) “I’m actually glad the first person I asked told me no.”

Whoa. Back up. What was that? Your date isn’t going to be swept off their feet by this gem. They’re only going to be offended. Nobody wants to be second choice. No matter how good your intentions are when you tell this to someone, it will never come off as a compliment. Even if you got rejected by the first person you asked, why bring it up at all?

You’re going to cause your date to wonder why the other person rejected you, and your date is going to be offended that they were your back up plan.

4) “Let me guess how much you weigh…”

This phrase is awkward in and of itself. First of all, you are asking about a number that most people like to keep private. Secondly, you aren’t asking them flat out. You are turning it into some type of game. The game will ultimately end badly for you.

You will likely guess a weight that is too heavy and they will be offended that you thought they weighed that much.If you guess a weight that is too light, they will be forced to awkwardly tell you no and divulge that they are actually 20 pounds heavier. Either way, it is going to be an awkward and painful conversation. It would be best to avoid this type of game altogether.

5) “So… are you a virgin?”

This one question will kill the vibe of the entire date. It is another type of no-win situation for both parties. Your date doesn’t want or need to spell out their history for you. It will make you seem like you’re only interested in one thing, which will send up an instant red flag in your date’s mind.

Alright the virgin thing might seem pretty obvious. In addition to not wanting to divulge their sexual history your date doesn’t want to talk about their dating history in general with you, especially on the first date. Emily Lescarbeau, a freshman at Weber State University said, “I wouldn’t want to be asked how many guys I’ve kissed or dated. Especially if the date is casual or personal. It would be too weird.”

So avoid the overly personal questions, and the awkward proclamations about how many kids you want, to ensure that your homecoming date goes smoothly.

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