Weber State University homecoming is for everyone – even students who live far away from the Ogden campus. The Davis campus in Layton holds its own homecoming tradition by showing a movie out on the lawn behind D2.

This year, the Davis campus is showing “The Edge of Tomorrow” on Oct. 3 at 9 p.m. This is a PG-13 movie, which is a bit of a change from their usual family-friendly movies.

Coordinators are also switching things up by holding the showing in the D3 ballroom instead, because the weather is expected to get colder.

“We encourage people to bring their own pillows, blankets and lawn chairs or bean bags and just lounge out,”  said Erik Ashby, the coordinator of student involvement and leadership at the Davis campus.

According to Ashby, this has been an annual tradition for some time.

“We’ve always kicked off homecoming at the Davis campus,” said Alexis Marquez, who has been an event program coordinator at the Davis campus for four years, said.

In the past, the homecoming movies have been well attended.

“One year, we had about a thousand people come out,” Ashby said.

Last year’s movie, “Brave,” was held outside and attracted 6,000 viewers.

“Moving it indoors kind of threw off the timing,” Ashby said. The ballroom is reserved that day until 7 p.m., so the timing had to be pushed back.

Tom Cruise poses for photos in Italy to publicize his new movie, "The Edge of Tomorrow." Weber State students will have a chance to see Cruise and the movie at the Davis campus for the  Homecoming movie.
Tom Cruise poses for photos in Italy to publicize his new movie, “The Edge of Tomorrow.” Weber State students will have a chance to see Cruise and the movie at the Davis campus for the Homecoming movie.

“We switched it to a more traditional movie because we didn’t think we’d get many families coming out at 9 p.m.,” Ashby said.

Although this event is located on the Davis campus, it is open to any Weber State University student and their friends and family.

However, it is not intended as a substitute to the homecoming game, dance and other festivities. It is an addition to the other fun and games happening on and off campus throughout the week.

Ashby said that high school students in the Weber State University’s Early College program are more than welcome to attend.

“We always want to include the early college students in that college atmosphere and experience,” he said.

Natalie Barcelo, the Davis campus vice president of student involvement and leadership has never been to a Weber State University homecoming dance, although she has attended the football games.

“I’m so excited because the theme is ‘Great Gatsby.’ I’m really excited to dress up and have lots of fun,” Barcelo said.

According to her, Davis campus has been thinking about adding games and food to their homecoming tradition.

“We could do something that ties into the theme,” Barcelo said. “Sometimes we hand out t-shirts.”

Barcelo admits that see can understand transportation being a setback for students who live further from the Ogden campus.

Students can take advantage of the fact that Weber State University is giving UTA passes free this year.

“Using UTA is such an amazing resource. I used to take the bus and I always felt safe and comfortable,” Barcelo said.

To Marquez, the homecoming game and dance are equally important aspects of the experience.

“It’s this big social event. The game is just fun,” Marquez said.

Marquez loves the photo booths at homecoming, and watching people let out their crazy dance moves.

The Davis campus leadership encourages students to enjoy both Davis and Ogden homecoming festivities.

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