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If you’re looking for some good, down-home music, then kick up your spurs and ride down to the Outlaw Saloon for this month’s crop of fine musicians. On Oct. 9, the Outlaw Saloon will welcome EMI Nashville recording artist Eric Paslay. The doors open at 7 p.m. and admission is $15.

Nationally known as one of the fastest growing stars in country music, Eric Paslay is riding a workhorse few have been able to mount. Touring throughout most of this year in support of his self-titled album, Paslay will make his way through Ogden in true outlaw fashion. With his signature bushy red beard, designer denim jeans and ball cap, Paslay is toeing the line of the new generation of country music.

The 30-year-old Middle Tennessee State University alumnus has seen much success since graduating college in 2005. With five chart-topping singles and his latest album peaking at number two on the Billboard U.S. country charts, Paslay is paving a dirt path all his own.

The Texas native is being praised by critics for his vocals. Taste of Country’s Billy Dukes said Paslay’s voice has whiskey cask resonance. Paslay is receiving worldwide recognition for his vocals. Music columnist Jana Angeles from the U.K.’s Renowned For Sound website said, “It’s evident that Paslay’s vocals deliver an unwinding and relaxed vibe and when ‘Country Side of Heaven’ is heard, you could mistake this track as a lullaby.”

Eric Paslay’s latest single, “She Don’t Love You” is currently set to debut among popular rotation on country radio. Pasley took to Twitter to express his pride with the new song saying, “It’s probably the best ballad I’ve ever been a part of, writing-wise . . . a song gets heard if it’s supposed to, and a hit’s not a hit unless people get to hear it.”

Paslay’s album received an “A” rating by Country Weekly with music critic Tammy Ragusa, who said, “The gifted songwriter has done an incredible job of showcasing his ability to create a collection that leans away from lyrical trends and toward depth and texture.”

Eric Paslay’s performance at the Outlaw Saloon will be followed by local cover band Red Shot Pony. On Oct. 10 and 11 at 9 p.m. Red Shot Pony will perform their unique, country-based set. The band lays claim to the ability to cover a variety of songs regardless of genre. In a group message, the band said, “Every member of the band sings and comes from a different background.”

The Outlaw Saloon will also host local Alternative Country band Colt 46 on Oct. 17 and 18 at 9 p.m. Also playing later is local country legend Wild Country on Oct. 24 and 25 at 9 p.m. Ogden country band Rail Town will round out the month with a Halloween performance on Oct. 31 at 9 p.m.

The members of Colt 46 have been performing among the Ogden music scene for years. Drummer Dan Robbins said, “We have been playing at the Outlaw for several years . . . the music scene is not the strongest here in Utah, but as far as bands go we do pretty well.”


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