Five Crazy HeadlinesFrom a newly-discovered vampire grave to a grandmother sending texts from beyond the grave, here’s this week’s five crazy headlines!

  1. Archaeologists uncover ‘vampire’ graveyard in Bulgaria

Last week archaeologists in Bulgaria unearthed an eerie, 13th century grave featuring a skeleton with an iron stake through its heart.

The skeleton also had a crushed skull. According to researchers, the middle-aged man, whose actual cause of death is unknown, was posthumously mutilated to prevent him from rising as a vampire.

The latest grave is only one of hundreds of similar finds in the area. Thanks to our vigilance ancestors, we don’t have to worry that about vampires walking among us.

Source: The Daily Beast

  1. Seattle socialist group pushing $15/hour minimum wage posts job with $13/hour wage

The Freedom Socialist Party, a Seattle-based group campaigning for a $15 per hour minimum wage increase, recently posted a job opening only offering $13 per hour.

Though according to the posting the wage is negotiable according to experience, the party’s campaign insists employers should start wages at $15, not $13 per hour.

The party had accused lawmakers of “phony concern” after they said recent wage increases did little to help minimum wage workers. Party officials should probably check their own hiring practices before starting a campaign.

Source: The Washington Free Beacon

  1. Love in the time of Ebola: Single male seeks ‘fertile’ apocalypse companion

In light of the pending Ebola apocalypse, a single man posted a request on for a fertile, single woman to join him.

The man has apparently been preparing up in the Vermont mountains for the past decade and just needs a mate to help repopulate the species once the disease has run its course.

The man listed experience with firearms and hunting as “a big plus.”

Later, the man told the press that the ad was a joke, but he had already gotten a few serious responses. He just wanted to see what response he would get, and doesn’t intend to follow up with anyone taken in by the ruse.


  1. Lukashenka: No toilet paper in Belarusian sausage

There are two things, the saying goes, that you don’t want to see made: law and sausages.

Belarusian president Alyaksandr Lukashenka takes it as a point of pride that his country does not put toilet paper in their sausages.

Lukashenka said Friday that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the former Soviet state kept its food standards high. He added that sausages made in Russia at that time had ingredients including toilet paper, soy and other additives.

Source: Radio Free Europe

  1. Family’s shock at text message from dead gran

Though she died three years ago, the late Lesley Emerson reached out to her granddaughter Sheri last week via text message.

The message received from Lesley’s phone read, “I’m watching over you and it’s all going to get better. Just push through.”

After an interesting exchange, Sheri called her grandmother’s phone and spoke with a man who had been using the number for the past few weeks. He had received a few texts from the family during that time, who sent messages to their grandmother without expecting a reply.

One day, he decided to send a message back.

Source: The Shields Gazette

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