Sharing their artistic talent, tattoo craftsmen gathered at the Weber State Tattoo Charity Art Show at the Davis campus Monday night.

“Tattooing is live art because it’s on your skin,” said Preston Bryant, owner of Unhinged Custom Tattoos in Ogden. “It’s how different people can express themselves.”

Preston Bryant, owner of Unhinged Tattoos, attended Monday night's tattoo charity art show on Davis campus.
Preston Bryant, owner of Unhinged Custom Tattoos, attended Monday night’s tattoo charity art show on Davis Campus. (Photo By: Lichelle Jenkins/The Signpost)

Esperanza Brown, event program coordinator at the Davis campus, said she wanted people to have a better understanding and awareness of tattooing after her event.

“Maybe if people become educated about tattooing, they will not be so judgmental of those who are tattooed,” Brown said.“I just don’t want any future place to not accept me because I have tattoos.”

Brown said she has one tattoo and at least five other potential tattoo ideas planned in her head.

Desiree Olsen, representing Unhinged Custom Tattoos, said there is still a lot of stigma associated with tattooing.

“Just because you have a tattoo, that doesn’t make you a bad person,” Olsen said.  “It just shows your personality on the outside as well as on the inside.”

Olsen said that ornamenting your skin with ink provides you with the unique opportunity to tell a story.

Infinite Tattoo and Art Gallery, Frankie’s Tattoo Parlor, Loyalty Tattoos and Unhinged Custom Tattoos were all local tattoo businesses showcased at the event.

“I wanted to show them support from Weber State,” Brown said of the tattoo industry. “I want them to know that we support the tattoo community.”

Bella Rivera, event program coordinator at the Davis campus, said she enjoyed this type of creative event.

“I like how so many artists got to come together,” Rivera said. “They were able to display their artwork, share their talent and show what they can do.”

Nick James from Loyalty Tattoos shows his ink at Monday's tattoo charity art show on Davis Campus. (Photo By: Lichelle Jenkins)
Nick James from Loyalty Tattoos shows his ink at Monday’s tattoo charity art show on Davis Campus. (Photo By: Lichelle Jenkins/The Signpost)

Presenting a less permanent form of body art, Mountain Mehndi had a table set up for henna tattoos, which they promoted as a great way to see how you feel about a tattoo before you fully commit.

Attendees could also enter a drawing for a chance to win prizes like gift certificates for tattoo sessions, paintings, prints and more.

In between prize drawings, three short videos about tattooing were shown. The first video talked about the history of tattoos, the second video showed the tattoo process up close and in slow-motion and the last video was about tattoo fails.

While students enjoyed features of the event and snacked on light refreshments, they listened to a music playlist put together based on what the tattoo artists play in their shops while working.

In addition to the event being an educational opportunity, Brown said she wanted to make her event a charitable occasion. The night’s proceeds benefited Your Community Connection, a family crisis center in Ogden.

“The YCC just has so many benefits for the community,” Brown said. “They have so many different areas in which they help the community, so I thought it would be the perfect place for the money to go.”

The tattoo art show was Brown’s first event and she said she thought it was a success.

“My biggest goal was just to promote a better understanding of tattooing,” Brown said. “Most people I know just get tattoos because it’s a fad. But for some, it’s their life and I think it’s a really important for people to know that.”

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