For some, the anticipation of a snowstorm isn’t a pleasant thing. Others can’t wait for the first snowfall. Warren Miller’s latest film “No Turning Back” has been on tour around America since Oct. 18, getting people excited for the 2014-15 ski season to begin.

Warren Miller created Warren Miller Entertainment in 1949 and started to film a ski-related video once a year. The films were shown at local venues near ski resorts to get skiers excited for the season. Today, each new video goes on tour around the world. Recently, “No Turning Back” came through Ogden at Peery’s Egyptian Theater.

Shirley Genus, the theater’s director, said both nights sold out.

“The film is really beautiful and the environment is really fun,” Conor Flynn, a local snowboarder, said. But the real appeal, he said, is that at each showing a drawing is held for new skis and ski trips in exotic locations, and they give ski passes to local resorts to everyone who comes.

“Nothing beats free stuff,” Flynn said.

Chad Porter, 37,  attended this year’s showing. He said the prizes have gotten better with time.

“In high school I went to it every year with my friends, and they would give away some lame prize for coming,” Porter said, “but nowadays they give away three day-lift passes to different resorts.”

Warren Miller Entertainment films in new locations around the world every year. This year, for the 65th anniversary film, they shot in Greece, Japan, Switzerland, France, Norway, Montana, Alaska and Colorado.

The Warren Miller website said, “For over 60 years, Warren Miller Entertainment has ventured to the planet’s extremes, capturing the world’s greatest athletes as they push the limits of human ability.”

The video will play again in Logan on Nov. 14. For more details visit their website.

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