With fall coming to an end, the cold weather is finally setting in. While most of us tend to hide under the covers, there are several ways to take part in some winter fun while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
One way to spend this season is on the slopes with a snowboard or a pair of skis. These two cold-weather sports can give you all the excitement you need while providing several health benefits.
Don’t waste this season hibernating! Take on the mountain bum lifestyle and check out the many benefits of snowboarding and skiing.
1. Great aerobic workout: Hunkering down in front of the TV with a cup of hot chocolate seems ideal when the weather starts to get cold. However, letting these kind of habits take root can leave us in a winter slump. Burning up to 400 calories per hour, snowboarding and skiing can give you that cardiovascular workout you’ve been looking for this season.

800px-Aviano_snowboarder (2)
A snowboarder spending the winter season on the mountain. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)
2. The mountains are for muscle building: Not only can you lose unwanted weight, but you can also gain much-needed muscle. Because balance is key when navigating the slopes, boarding and skiing are both great for strengthening your body. While working all the major muscle groups, you can even build some muscles that you don’t often use, like the ones in your arms and ankles.
3. All in the attitude: Don’t let those dreary winter days suck the fun out of your winter season. Like any workout, boarding and skiing release endorphins in the brain, which enhance happiness and mental well-being. So whether you want to enjoy an exhilarating experience, or take in that breath of fresh air, these two sports are a great way to have some winter fun!

4. It’s a way of life: Not everyone who dons a pair of skis or a board can call themselves mountain bums, but those who do agree that life on the slopes is amazing. Whether you’re a seasoned night-rider, or a back-country thrill-seeker, mountain bums will trade anything in the world for a day on the slopes.
This lifestyle is not for everyone, but those who enjoy the company of like-minded friends and a life outdoors will find something to love in these winter sports.
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