Cookie Dough is a familiar feature of the holiday season. A Kansas woman caught an intruder eating cookie dough last Thursday (Gordon M. Grant/Newsday/MCT)
Cookie Dough is a familiar feature of the holiday season. A Kansas woman caught an intruder eating cookie dough last Thursday. (Gordon M. Grant/Newsday/MCT)

From burglars eating cookie dough to robots that can seriously creep you out, here’s this week’s five crazy headlines.

  1. We don’t do clickbait, insists BuzzFeed

You won’t believe what BuzzFeed staff member Ben Smith said Thursday in a blog post.

In an interview last week Jon Stewart pointed out the deception the site often uses to push traffic. What happened next will floor you.

Smith wrote a blog post in response to Stewart’s comments, saying the site does not actually trick users to click on their links. Even if the site exaggerates a bit in their headlines to grab attention, Smith insisted nothing they say is technically false.

Source: The Drum

  1. Wind turbine noise not linked to health problems, Health Canada finds

In the latest news from the medical industry, Health Canada published a groundbreaking study last week finding no connection between a person’s health and their exposure to wind turbine noise.

The noise had “no measurable effect” on various aspects of a person’s health.

On the other hand, people who were exposed to high levels of the noise reported higher levels of annoyance. Imagine that.

Source: CBC News

  1. Robot makes you feel like there’s a ghost behind you

Just in time for next year’s Halloween, a Swiss research team developed a robot that recreates that spine-tingling feeling that someone, or something, is watching you.

The team examined the brains of people suffering from strokes, migranes and other brain-related injuries, many of whom complained about having this feeling of being watched.

They isolated the area in the brain that governs this feeling and found it works for healthy people, too. Now they just have to sell the robots to movie theaters for their horror shows.

Source: IFL Science

  1. Kansas woman awakes to find burglar eating her cookie dough

A Kansas woman was awakened early Thursday morning to find an intruder eating cookie dough from her freezer.

Police identified the 27-year-old man, who claimed he thought he was in his aunt’s house. He got in through the unlocked back door.

The intruder was arrested on suspicion of aggravated burglary.

Source: The Kansas City Star

  1. American hero eats at Olive Garden 95 times in six weeks

Olive Garden gave 1,000 lucky fans a six-week $100 Never Ending Pasta Pass in September, letting them eat at the restaurant as many times as they wanted for six weeks.

North Carolina resident Alan Martin put his to good use, visiting the restaurant 95 times over the six-week promotion.

Martin said he wanted to hold the title of most meals eaten with the pass. Others have used their pass. which sold out in two hours, to get up to 60 meals. The promotional period ended Nov. 9.

Source: Huffington Post

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