Students Brenna Lee and Justin Ball learn to country dance. (Lichelle Jenkins/ The Signpost)
Brenna Lee, senior, and Justin Ball, freshman, dance together at the Davis campus Country Night. The Weber State Davis campus hosted the event last Friday.
(Lichelle Jenkins/ The Signpost)

Weber State and NUAMES students gathered for some country dancing this past Friday at the Davis campus Country Night.

Yesenia Rodriguez, a member of the Davis programming board, worked with the Weber State Ballroom Club and WSU’s KWCR 88.1 FM to coordinate the event.

Rodriguez liked the idea of having a country dancing event because she loves country music.

Attendees gathered for three hours of country line dancing, during which an instructor from the Weber State ballroom club helped guide their choreography.

“I joined the club when I was a freshman and I just learned how to dance (around) here,” said Trae Chappell, a communications major who is president of the ballroom club.

Rodriguez admitted she had been a little worried that the turnout of the event would have been low.

“But lots of people heard about it and they got excited. It’s just something we haven’t done before,” Rodriguez said.

Halfway through the dance, Rodriguez counted about 35 attendees, but hoped a few more would trickle in throughout the night. When planning the event, they had been expecting 70 people to come.

“We expected way more people to show up. We did an event similar to this on the Ogden campus and got about 300 people there,” Chappell said.

Weber’s very own radio station, KWCR 88.1 FM showed up with a big sound system so they could blast the country music.

They played country songs like “Ride a Cowboy” by Big & Rich, but also threw in Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger” to add variety.

Many students dressed up for the dance, showing off cowboy boots and colorful flannels.Those boots served during the stomping parts of country dances, during which they filled the atrium of D3 with clacking noises.

“We were going to have it in the ballroom at first, but in country line dancing there’s a lot of stomping. The instructor wanted that effect, which we wouldn’t get in the ballroom because of the carpet, so we moved it to the atrium,” Rodriguez explained.

A few NUAMES students also attended the dance: Alexis Cowles and Annie Hayes, both sophomores at the high school.

Both girls said they grew up with country music, making it one of their favorite genres of music.

“We begged lots of our friends to come,” Hayes said, acknowledging that not many of them did and only a few NUAMES students attended.

Decorations and refreshments for the country dancing event. (Lichelle Jenkins/ The Signpost)
Decorations and refreshments line the tables at Country Night. The event only brought out about 30 people. (Lichelle Jenkins/ The Signpost)

Madison Myers, a sophomore at Weber State, came to the event with friends. According to Myers, she is a regular attendee of country dancing nights at the Union Station, putting this event within her forte.

“(Country) just makes people good in life. Country people work hard,” Myers said.

For some students who traditionally stayed on the Ogden campus for classes, this dance was their first visit to the Davis campus.

Although the turnout was lower than expected, the event was filled with three hours of dancing with the first hour being focused on lessons and students moving on their own for the latter two.


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