A new NCAA rule has some smaller Weber State sports teams making adjustments to ensure the safety of their athletes.

Passed in August, this new rule requires that at every athletic-related activity, including practices and workouts, a staff member must be present who is certified in first aid, CPR and use of an automated external defibrillator, known as AED machine.

The NCAA rule also says each head coach and any other coach, including a strength and conditioning coaches, who are full-time must maintain current certification in first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and AED use.

This may not be a problem for sports such as football, where team activities have trainers and many coaches present. The problems may arise with smaller team sports that only have a handful of athletes.

One of the biggest concerns on campus is for sports such as golf and cross country.

“Both of our coaches had to go through CPR and first aid classes,” said Nyomy Obcemea of the women’s golf team. “I would say that I feel confident in knowing that being on the team is safe.”

Obcemea added that at every tournament a trainer is always present before and afterward in case any players have any injuries or other health issues.

“(Golf) is a sport in which people rarely get injured,” she said. “But if something were to happen there is always someone knowledgeable present that we can go to if need be.”

The quick move to get coaches trained speaks volumes for Weber State athletics and the higher standard on campus, said Will Pridemore, Weber State’s director of compliance.

“We have gone above and beyond what is the accepted standard for athletic trainers by getting our athletic trainers certified as EMTs,” Pridemore said. “That is not the norm nationally.”

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