An illustration from a 14th century medieval treatise on fighting with sword and small shield. The medieval art had a strange revival in a Dubai hotel last week (Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain)
An illustration from a 14th century medieval treatise on fighting with swords and small shields. The medieval art had a strange revival in a Dubai hotel last week. (Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain)

From a sword fight breaking out in a hotel to a Utah woman suing herself, here’s this week’s five crazy headlines.

  1. 21 or IS? Swedish police mistake party balloons for Islamic State initials

After putting up balloons of the number 21 celebrating her birthday, Swedish resident Sarah Ericsson got a visit from her local police after they mistook the number for the initials “IS” for the Islamic State.

Though they quickly realized their mistake, police still asked Ericsson to take the balloons down to avoid future misunderstanding. Ericsson said later that she’ll never forget her 21st birthday now.

Source: The Telegraph

  1. Sword fight breaks out at Dubai hotel

After two hotel guests accidentally brushed shoulders in a Dubai hotel last Wednesday, the ensuing argument escalated into a sword fight—a real one.

Four suspects, two Saudis and two Emirates, were rushed to the Rashid Hospital shortly thereafter. The police report noted that the suspects used both knives and swords in the fight.

Source: Khaleej Times

  1. Woman sues herself for killing her husband in car crash

Local Utah resident Barbara Bagley is suing herself for the wrongful death of her husband after a car crash in the Nevada desert proved fatal.

The local appeals court reinstated her case after it was dismissed last year, saying that she was well within her rights to act as plaintiff and defendant in the lawsuit. Bagley is bringing the suit in the hopes that her insurance company will pay for her late husband’s medical and funeral costs.

Either way, it’s a win-win situation.

Source: World Wide Weird News

  1. Woman locked up in shed six years because parents hated her boyfriend

Chinese resident Zhang Qi spent the last six years in her parent’s shed after they disapproved of her boyfriend.

Even though Zhang, 24, told her parents she would break up with him, she was kept there while her parents, who were influential in their community, told their neighbors their daughter was mentally ill.

Local villager Chow Jen posted pictures of the girl online after local authorities refused to intervene. Police are now investigating the case.


  1. Guy skips work for 24 years, gets fired

As part of a crackdown on an ineffective Indian bureaucracy, Indian resident A.K. Verma was fired from his position as senior engineer at the Central Public Works Department after not showing up to work since December 1990.

Verma apparently sought an extension of his leave of absence but refused to return to work after an extended period of time. The courts first ruled against him in 1992, but delays in the case lasted for 22 years.

Source: USA Today

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