The Date Doctor, David Coleman, speaks to Weber State University students on Monday, March 2nd. Coleman gives dating tips to lonely Wildcats. (Emily Crooks/ The Signpost)
The date doctor, David Coleman, speaks to Weber State University students on Monday, March 2nd. Coleman gives dating tips to lonely Wildcats. (Emily Crooks/ The Signpost)

The dating world became less complicated for Weber State University students after the date doctor, David Coleman, presented relationship tips Monday afternoon.

“I’m going to be candid, direct and honest. I’m not going to stand up here and tell you things you want to hear I’m going to tell you things you need to hear,” said Coleman.

Coleman has personal clients, answers questions on all of his social media sites, and travels around the world giving his expert advice on love. He is America’s real-life “Hitch.”

The lecture Coleman presented to students concentrated on being confident, having positive self-image, and becoming the best version of yourself before you enter the dating world.

“You will not find the right person until you become the right person,” said Coleman.

Coleman expressed that negative thinking and living in fear wouldn’t get you anywhere in life, especially when you’re trying to go for somebody. Coleman told students that the negative thinking they carry around with them needs to stop today.

“Every day, look in the mirror and say ‘I would so date me,’” said Coleman.

Why should you say that? Coleman explained that if you don’t put yourself out there every day and every day that person doesn’t know you’re interested, it creates the chance to miss them.

Coleman encouraged students to step up and take a chance, whether it be talking to your crush, getting out of the friend zone or asking that special someone on a date—just take a risk.

“No one is out of your league unless you convince yourself that they are, and if you do, they are’” said Coleman.

Coleman offered different activities that got students to learn a little about themselves when it comes to romance.

He spent the remainder of his time answering various relationship questions from audience members and offering feedback to students.

“The biggest problem that I am finding with people in your age group now is that they don’t know how to be interpersonal with each other. They can tweet, text and post, and then people get in front of each other, and they are clueless,” said Coleman.

Coleman encouraged students to put their phones down, step back from their computer screens and go up and talk to that special someone.

Students agreed that the dating doctor’s advice was beneficial.

“Why is it important to get dating advice from David Coleman? Well, basically, the guy was number one public speaker of the year last year. He is obviously the real deal,” said Chad Fowers, junior at Weber State.

Geoff Kanaan, majoring in interpersonal and family communication, thought Coleman’s speech was useful for anybody.

“Wow, this was great, really great advice and advice single people, married people and those in relationships can use,” said Kanaan.  “The guy knows what he is talking about, and for me, it was helpful.”

Those who want more information on David Coleman or would like relationship advice can add him on Twitter by following @D8ngDoctor or by adding TheDatingDoctor on Facebook. He will personally answer any questions.


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