Hayley Tomney
Hayley Tomney

My name is Hayley Tomney and I am running for Davis Campus Senator. I am so excited to be given the opportunity to represent the bold, dynamic student body at the Davis Campus.

From the beginning of my academic career starting in 2012, I have been involved with Davis Campus in a multitude of ways. I began my freshman year working in the Davis testing center as a proctor before becoming a peer mentor through Davis Student Services where I have worked for 2 years. This year I took a position as a service specialist that gave me the opportunity to work with a majority of the Davis student body in a variety of ways. I helped students at the information desks find classes, find study rooms, or even offer advise on the do’s and do not’s when it comes to college. I also, took a position on the Davis Student Involvement and Leadership board as an event program coordinator to help with the multitude of monthly events and to become more involved with the Davis campus. As my involvement shows, the Davis Campus has made a tremendous impact on my college experience and I would like everybody who comes to the Davis campus to be given the same opportunities. My goal is to make the Davis campus a vital and vibrant part of everyones Weber State college experience. The positions and roles that I have been given at the Davis Campus have helped me to grow as a leader, a student, and as a friend. I have met so many great individuals through these experiences, and I would like to continue giving back to the Weber State Student body going into the next year.

The challenges and the joys that I have experienced so far at Weber State University have led me to decide to run for the position of Davis Senator so I can continue helping the student body in a more progressive way. If elected as the Davis Senator I will be the voice of Davis Campus. I want the student body of the Davis Campus to know they can
come to me with any of their needs or concerns so that they can be directly addressed by the Senate. I want to make sure that everyone at Davis Campus has a voice to make our college experience the best that it can be.

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