Maria Georgiou
Maria Georgiou

Hello Weber! My name is Maria Georgiou, and I am re-running for Graduate Student Senator. I’m a Master’s of English student, born and raised in New York where I received my first Bachelor’s degree in history.  I’m a first generation Greek American and love learning new languages and meeting new people from different cultures. I’ve studied Spanish, Russian, and Japanese.


Currently I am a tutor at the Writing Center and an English Adjunct Professor for the Graduate Teaching Assistant Program. With my experience as a tutor and teacher, I am confident I can continue be an apt senator for my constituency.


I aspire to continue being the Graduate Student Senator so that I may further my education in different aspects of Weber State University life, while learning how to assist, support, and inform my peers.  As the Graduate Student Senator, I aspire to inform my constituency of any opportunities the school offers to further their education and make their experience at Weber State all the more fulfilling.

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