(Graphic by Autumn Mariano)
(Graphic by Autumn Mariano)

Some students are paying their way through college by working a full-time job. This can be a struggle when it comes to time management.

I’m a junior and haven’t taken a semester off of school since I started five semesters ago. Being worn out, I decided to take a summer off and work at a full-time job instead of taking classes.

I plan to come back in the fall full time while keeping my full-time job. How do students juggle both, while still having a social life and extracurricular activities?

Here are five ways to stay on schedule, be healthy and keep your sanity when being so busy.


This sounds obvious, but always remember to write down appointments, study groups and social time on a master schedule on your phone, computer or in a planner.

Don’t try to just fit in social time, make a plan and schedule it. If you decide to simply just “fit” social time in, you may have a harder time following through.

Communicate your schedule

Most of the time employers are willing to work with you on your school schedule. My employer believes, and continues to remind me, that school is the most important thing.

If students don’t communicate their schedules to employers, it can cause chaos and confusion.

Manage stress

With a busy schedule, students may forget to de-stress. Don’t forget to take some time for yourself and take a load off, whether you do this by reading a book, exercising or doing a hobby.

School and work can drag you down, so don’t forget to make time for yourself.

Be realistic

Don’t overbook yourself. Sometimes I think I can do more than what I actually have time for.

Remember, you can’t always get everything done. Keep your schedule realistic.

You can do it! 

Remember, you are not the first person to do this and it can be done. Try and keep a positive outlook and keep telling yourself you can do it.

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