Seniors graduating this semester took a minute while waiting in lines at Gradfest to share with The Signpost what they plan to do after May 1.

“I am a major in zoology, but my minor is in neuroscience. That’s where a lot of my academic focus has been. I am planning on going to medical school and will start the process in the summer. My dream job would be to be a pediatric psychiatrist working with adolescents.”  — Max George, zoology

“I’ve always been interested in art and my family has been in art so I love it. My plans after graduation are to find a job. My college experience has been really awesome. I’ve made a lot of really fun friends and learned a lot of cool stuff.” — Macie Hamblin, bachelor of fine arts

“I’m getting my bachelor of science in radiology emphasizing in CT. I work at McKay Dee and plan to keep working there after graduation.” — Jackie Green, radiology

“I love the outdoors and getting kids outside. My plans after graduation are to be a 23-year-old and getting a summer job at a summer camp and possibly going to grad school the following school year. I feel like because of the research I’ve done I’ve had a lot of opportunities with Weber in terms of undergraduate research that I wouldn’t get other places.” — Kassandra Sqrow, bachelors of integrated studies with minors in recreation, environmental studies and early childhood development

“After graduation I plan to begin working on my BS in nursing. College has been an incredible learning experience and has helped me grow.” — Trea Maw, nursing

“After college I will be searching for a job. College is a fun experience. It’s a time where professors and students should work together to help prepare themselves for the real word experiences.” — Caitlin Williams, business multimedia

“I’ve always done art since I was a kid so it was a natural course of progression to do something that I’m interested in. After graduation I plan to let my wife go get her master’s degree, and when she’s finished with that I’ll go to graduate school.” —  Joel Kitamura, bachelor of fine arts

“I really love learning. College has helped me learn to look at the world in a different way. It has given me a different perspective.” — Ashley Dickinson, associate’s in general studies

“I chose English because I love to read and write. I plan to be a teacher. After graduation I will be working as a daycare teacher but I eventually want to teach at the high school level. I also want to write young adult novels.” — Jessica Kirvan, English

“I was drawn to accounting because many members of my family have found great career paths in accounting. I have a job in New York after I graduate with my master’s here at Weber State. College has been a great experience but I am very glad to be done with studying and tests.” — Erin Cowley, accounting

“Personal experience made me want to go into social work, dealing with substance abuse. After graduation I plan on getting my master’s degree; unfortunately they don’t offer it here at Weber. There’s an online program called Our Lady of the Lake. Weber has been incredible.” – Ambria Lamb, social work

“Mechanical engineering is a good field to go back to my country, Saudi Arabia, and work. After graduation I’ll go back there and find a job. If not I’ll come back here to get my master’s degree. Weber is great. I love it.” – Fatimah Taqui, mechanical engineering

“I feel like a business degree is so broad that you can do a lot of things with it. I plan on landing a job after graduation. My dad owns a construction company so hopefully when I graduate I can work with him.” – Ryan Dixon, business finance

“I wrote a research paper on a video game company and decided I wanted to write video games. I have a job a Hill Air Force Base, not making video games, but there are rockets and other cool stuff that’s just as fun. This is one of five universities I’ve come to but it’s great. It’s inexpensive, it’s good quality and I really like many of the professors.” – Benjamin Berardi, computer science

“I’m traveling for a little bit after graduation. I’m walking from San Francisco to Los Angeles. I wanted to do a journey of self-love and so I’ve been training during the past year.” – Clarissa Renda, health promotion

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