Mobile devices can distract from students' study sessions. (Photo Illustration by Richard Campos / The Signpost)
Mobile devices can distract from students’ study sessions. (Photo Illustration by Richard Campos / The Signpost)

Studying for tests is becoming increasingly difficult with the devices in our lives that can steal our concentration.

There are people who believe that technology does more harm than good. They also believe that excessive use of your devices can lead to all sorts of problems in your daily life.

Although technology can become a problem, it can also be used for good. Your devices can help you understand the subject matter discussed in classes better. Since devices can also be filled with games and social media, they can ultimately become a problem while studying.

Every type of device has an application marketplace that’s loaded with games. The number of applications offered is going up constantly, making it even more difficult for the masses to stay away.

It can be easier than you might realize to break the spell that your phone has over you. One way to avoid cell phone use while studying is to inform the people with whom you regularly communicate that you’re studying and will be unavailable.

If you are able to, depending on your job, you can turn off your cell phone altogether or leave it in another room on silent. If you’re afraid of missing an important call, text or email, you can allow yourself a certain amount of time in between cell phone checks to study. For instance, you could get up once an hour to check messages. That way, you’re still putting most of the focus on the material.

Another distraction that can arise is that of desktops or laptops. These can be especially hard to avoid because many classes and assignments need to be completed and submitted online.

Anytime you plan to study, you need to find a quiet area in your living space. This area needs to be set aside from the rest from anything that might distract you. The people you live with must also understand that you can’t be bothered—unless it’s an emergency—while you’re studying.

It is important to make the most of your study time. By putting away all your devices you can increase the amount of material you’re retaining. You only have one shot to be successful at school and usually only one shot to ace that test. Your devices will be there when you’re finished with your classes.

The key to understanding the past is maintaining some semblance of perspective. We need to be able to look back on the things we have done in our lives and understand that we approached everything the right way. If we have to come to grips with the fact that we fell short in school because of our use of devices, odds are it would be a hard pill to swallow.

There’s nothing better than finishing a test and seeing that you have received a great score. This feeling of satisfaction is something we should not take for granted. We have the opportunity to make it last forever if we continue to devote as much time as possible to doing our best with each test. As long as our effort is applied the right way, we will see the results we want in no time.

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