Flowers are one of the most beautiful things in life. (Photo by Mujtaba Al Rashed)

In 2011 when I came to Weber State University, I noticed that many 0f my friends were taking pictures and posting them on Instagram. I had been considering finding a hobby myself and photography seemed like a perfect idea.

Since then, I’ve found I enjoy taking photos of nature, particularly flowers.

Flowers are one of the most beautiful things in life. They can be given to friends, loved ones and family as a symbol of love, gratitude and friendship. They make people happy and turn sorrow into joy. They are also the symbol of romance and can help express intense feelings towards someone.

In the past, doctors used actually flowers as medicine to heal patients from injury and illness.

Flowers can make people forget their anger and relax because of their fragrance and beauty.  They can easily make someone smile. When someone offers a flower, it makes them feel loved.

Flowers are a silent statement and the best way to apologize. When you see flowers, you can feel how much someone cares for you.

The flower is associated with a more gentle way of life. The flower is called the image of accomplishment because they can be seen as symbols of the tests and troubles of life which can lead to inward peace, order and joy. Flowers also symbolize fellowship, love and appreciation.

These are just a few reasons why I love taking pictures of flowers. Flowers can bring joy to even the most unhappy person.

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