Escaping Halloween decorations is almost impossible these days. (Source: Kathy Johnson)
Escaping Halloween decorations is almost impossible these days. (Source: Kathy Johnson)

Although it may seem like the odd thing to do, there are actually many reasons why someone would not celebrate Halloween.

Some may be working Saturday night. Others may not like being scared or they simply find pumpkin guts disgusting. Whatever the reasoning, not going with the mainstream can be a challenging experience during this time of the year.

Here are five suggestions that will get you safe and sound through the scary season.

1- Take a road trip: This does not mean that you have to travel very far. In fact, it may be enough to just leave your property to be considered unavailable by trick-or-treaters.

Usually, children who see a dark house with no sign of the residents being at home will quickly turn to a more promising source of candy. Also, going for a small adventure can be fun, and you won’t have to sit in the dark at home just so children pass by your house.

2- Do your family history: Concerned with the life and death of those who came before you, family history is a fun and usually not so scary way of approaching the theme of Halloween. In fact, genealogy has become an increasingly popular pastime throughout the world. If you enjoy it, you could keep it as a hobby beyond October.

Many websites, such as, provide good tools to dig deep into your family’s past. If you’re not as ambitious, talking to elderly relatives about your ancestors’ life stories can also be interesting.

3- Party before: If your resilience about celebrating Halloween comes from being busy with other things Saturday night, take some initiative. Aside from countless privately-hosted Halloween parties in the weeks before Oct. 31, there are also dozens of public events where you can show up without an invitation.

If formal parties are not your thing, you may also find a haunted house or corn maze near you. While often a little costly, here you can satisfy your desire to be scared.

4- Go to the Dinosaur Park Carnival: For both children and adults, the Halloween Carnivore Carnival at the Dinosaur Park on the north-east edge of Ogden has become a community favorite. Held on Friday night at 6:30, you can expect booths and a parade that make the $3 admission fee worth it.

Of course, you will also be able to learn about dinosaurs—a very different kind of family history.

5- Eat candy: You may not enjoy other aspects of Halloween, but as a whole, people like candy. As you may expect with all the trick-or-treaters, Halloween is a great time for those with a sweet tooth.

Consider keeping some candy for yourself this year and enjoy it over the next few weeks as the stress and exhaustion of school catch up to you.

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