A booth representing Tajikistan is on display in the atrium of the Shepherd Union building at the International Education Booths on Wednesday. (Emily Ferguson / The Signpost)
A booth representing Tajikistan is on display in the atrium of the Shepherd Union building at the International Education Booths on Wednesday. (Emily Ferguson / The Signpost)

Weber State University students got a sample of different cultures on Wednesday, as booths representing different countries were on display in the Shepherd Union Building as part of International Education Week.

The international booths were set up as separate countries. Each country had the different food, landmarks, religions and clothing information that represented each country. Each table had their country’s flag displayed.

Arts and Humanities Senator Maria Huerta hosted the booth that featured Mexico. The booth was draped in papel picado, which was used for decoration. She had music playing that was from Mexico, and she displayed maracas.

“Be diverse, this event offers many different ways to learn and include others,” Huerta said.

Basil Aljaber hosted the Saudi Arabia booth. This booth was offering to write names in Arabic and then giving students their own copy to take with them.

“We want students to know that the media gives bad impressions about Islam, and that is not us,” Aljaber said.

Stephan Huth, a WSU exchange student, hosted the booth that featured Germany. Huth gave facts and details about Germany that were quite extensive, his knowledge included landmarks, food preferences, language dialects and information regarding the culture.

WSU student Thomas Fale hosted the booth that featured Tonga and Samoa. His booth consisted of different artifacts that are used in traditional ceremonies in Samoa.

When asked what Fale would like WSU students to know, he had this to say: “You can take a Polynesian out of Polynesia, but you can not take Polynesia out of the Polynesian.”

All of the booths were filled with different aspects of each country. By participating in International Education Week, students will can leave with a deeper appreciation of other cultures.

There will be an International Student Cultural Show on Thursday, November 19, at 11:30a.m. – 12:30p.m in the Shepherd Union Atrium.

On Friday, November 20., there will be a service opportunity at the Catholic Community Services of Northern Utah from 9 a.m. – noon. There will be a dance that night at the Shepherd Union Atrium from 8 – 11 p.m.

The International Student and Scholar Center directs and helps to assist international students with their personal, cultural and academic adjustment to WSU.

There is a program provided for all new international students each semester. Advisement is available to assist students regarding immigration-related questions and concerns.

Don’t miss your chance to participate in International Education Week to learn about different cultures and to meet some amazing students and people from all across the globe right here on campus.

For more information regarding the events happening November 16 – 20, visit http://www.weber.edu/SIS/internationaleducationweek.html


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