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The Counseling and Psychological Services Center at Weber State works to help students in more ways than one during this time of year.  (Cydnee Green/ The Signpost)

The Counseling and Psychological Services Center at Weber State works to help students in more ways than one during this time of year. A helping paw from their popular service animals that help to relieve stress can go a long way during the end of the semester.

In addition to some much needed dog therapy, the CPSC is hoping to give students who are looking for a way to tackle the “prior experience” portion of all upcoming resumes some peace of mind.

This spring, the CPSC Outreach Program will be putting out the call for recruits for their team for next year.

”Becoming involved with the Outreach team at CPSC gives students applicable experience with Outreach programs, basic mental health and the immediate student population,” Jennifer Ghan, a current Outreach team member, said.

For senior students focused on mental health at Weber State University, the CPSC Outreach Program provides students the experience they need in order to advance in their fields.

“This is kind of a good, happy medium,” Jamie Brass, training director at CPSC, said. “They can really learn what we do here without being therapists themselves.”

Students involved in the program will learn about the counseling center and the services they provide, and will be trained on how to go out and do Outreach programming.

According to Ghan, being a part of the Outreach team will help build student’s resumes and offer them possible job opportunities.

“They also support and encourage self-exploration and self-discovery through the means of the Career Center, interviewing faculty members on campus and independent research,” Ghan said.

Brass described Outreach as being anything that doesn’t actually take place in the counseling center’s office.

“We do a lot of things, like helping [students] learn to manage stress and other symptoms before they’re a problem.” Brass said.

Students will also be involved in weekly team meetings where they can help plan Outreach projects and listen to guest speakers in the mental health field.

Brass explained that throughout the year, students will be able to interact with the team members and build a meaningful connection to the CPSC, which can be hard to do.

Last year, at a health fair, Brass noticed people avoiding the CPSC booth because “they were worried about what it might mean if they came and talked to us.”

However, one member of the Outreach was able to speak with several students before the day was over.

“Students are going to respond so much better to other students,” Brass said.

Ghan says that she is happy to be a part of the Outreach team at the CPSC.

“I have been given the opportunity to connect with students on a more personal level and give them an outlet to seek help and support during their time here,” Ghan commented.

Outreach members will be involved in relaxation health fairs, which will help promote relaxation on campus.

“Students really can get a sense of what’s available on campus, for free, for them to use for stress management during finals times, or other times when they need it,” Brass said.

Those involved in the Outreach team this year have also had a chance to partner with Student Wellness and Intermountain Therapy Animals to facilitate stress breaks for students on both the main campus and at the Davis campus.

“I love those dogs,” Liz O’Dell, a junior at WSU, said. “They are so cute. They really help.”

For more information about the Outreach Program offered through the Counseling and Psychological Services Center, contact their office by calling 801-626-6406 or stopping by in person at their office located on the second floor of the Student Services building in Room 280.

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