Jadrian Clark (WSU QB)

Q: Where were you born

A: I’m from Lakeland, Florida, a small, historic city in central Florida.

Q: Any siblings

A: I have two brothers and one sister. We’re a very sports-oriented family.

Q: First job

A: My first job was at my Godfather’s shoe store, McFarlin’s Shoes. I worked there from ninth grade until I graduated high school.

Q: First love (sport)

A: Baseball was my first love. I might have been better at baseball than football. I played my whole life and chose to accept a football scholarship because there’s nothing like being a quarterback.

Q: First position (current sport)

A: I played tight end when I was younger. I was bigger than most kids growing and my team ran the option, so our quarterback was more of a running back.

Q: Major

A: I’m a finance major. I’ve always enjoyed math. I’m on the Big Sky All Academic Team.

Q: What’s your passion in life

A: I strive to be a giver. I love giving more in life than I take, especially with family and friends.

Q: What is campus life like for you

A: I’m really outgoing, and so in coming to Weber State, I have been able to meet new people from all around the country and the world. I normally will hangout with people from the golf team, tennis team and people who don’t play sports.

Q: Best friend

A: My roommate Jonathan “Tarzan” Carlson, he’s a former WSU football teammate, and we have raised a puppy named Clifford together.

Q: Favorite video game


Q: Favorite TV show

A: “Suits” and “The Daily Show”

Q: Do you want to play pro football

A: I would love to.

Q: Any idea about what you want to do after football

A: A long term goal of mine is to be a college football coach. My backup would be to work in the finance industry and represent professional athletes.

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