This weeks athlete spotlight goes to Agata Bachanek, a Polish foreign exchange student who has traveled to Ogden to not only study but to follow her dream of playing tennis.

Coming to Weber State University not only gave her the opportunity to play the sport she loves, but Bachanek has also been able to study human performance management, something impossible to do in her home country.

“Working with the coaches here has been amazing,” Bachanek said of the opportunity to play at Weber.

She expressed her appreciation for the hard work the coaches have gone to getting players more matches with each other, which has allowed her and her teammates to feel more confidant when playing against other schools.

Bachanek and the women’s tennis team are hopeful they will make it to the Big Sky Conference Tennis tournament this year. With last year’s win under their belt, the women’s tennis team is feeling confident in their standing.

After finishing her degree at WSU, Bachanek is heading back to Poland. Bachanek said she’s still unsure as to whether she’ll pursue a career in tennis here in the states or a masters degree back home.

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