2-26 Union Gaming (Gabe Cerritos)
From left to right, Tyler Smilowitz, William Calrite and Jeff Loefer play videogames Friday February 26 in the Shepherd Union. (Gabe Cerritos / The Signpost)

The Weber State University chapter of Psi Phi Psi have been using video games to creatively bring awareness to their fraternity.

The fraternity first began playing video games in the Shepherd Union during the fall of 2014. It was initially used as a recruitment tool and to help bring interest to potential members.

Daniel Garner, a member of Psi Phi Psi, believes that the video games have been a great recruitment tool and an overall success for the fraternity.

“It helps get our name out there,” Garner said.

The fraternity takes pledges bi-yearly and said that their pledges grew from an average of two to ten during the first two years of playing video games weekly in the Union.

Psi Phi Psi has recently changed the focus on the weekly event since Psi Phi Psi, and all the other Greek organizations on campus, are now participating in the Weber Cares canned food drive.

Psi Phi Psi has modified their video game event in order to bring in donations. Previously, any student was able to come play video games for free, but now, and for the next few weeks, students wanting to play video games are required to bring a donation of canned food or two dollars in order to benefit Weber Cares.

Addison Everett, an active member of the fraternity, said that using “Smash Bros,” “Rock Band” and other games to get canned goods for the Weber Cares can drive has been somewhat successful.

“Out of all the Greeks that are participating in the can drive, we have the most cans,” Everett said.

Psi Phi Psi members said they also have a PC to play on to run their indie game of the week.

Garner is hopeful that the fraternity will be able to use their current success to propel themselves further into even more success.

“We currently use the Wii U and PC, but we are looking to potentially using the PS4 and the Xbox,” Garner said.

Garner believes that the Psi Phi Psi could turn the weekly gaming into a big video game tournament, but it knows it’s all about getting the word out about the event.

For any further information on the weekly video games or the Psi Phi Psi fraternity, contact Garner at danielgarner1@mail.weber.edu, or stop by the Union on Fridays in the morning to donate and play.

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