Living in North Ogden, I generally take Mountain Road, which turns into Harrison to get to Weber State. It’s definitely the most relaxed and scenic of the several routes one could take.

OREGON KRT PHOTO BY ALAN BERNER/SEATTLE TIMES (August 30) Highway 205 in Harney County, Oregon. Residents are used to driving long distances through the region's wide open spaces. (SE) NC KD 2002 (Horiz) (mvw)

Last week, I made the rare decision to take Interstate 15 and exit on 31st St. because I wanted to hit up Abby’s Antiques to feed one of my offensively pathetic hobbies before going to school. While on the freeway heading towards my destination, I noticed several Highway Patrol cars just before the 31st St. exit. Off to the side of the road was a small car that had somehow gone airborne and slammed into the sign for the upcoming exit.

The angle to which the car hit the sign was absolutely glorious. I wouldn’t be able to replicate that kind of destructive art had I tried, but I wouldn’t put it past some drivers—especially the teenager that appeared unhurt that sat next to the car on the phone.

As someone who travels constantly, I see idiocy on the road that would be unbelievable in “Dumb and Dumber.” Even as I write this, I am seeing the most bizarre and illogical behavior on the road as I travel from Victorville, California back to Utah. With that said, here are four drivers for which I carry an irrational amount of hate. If you are one of these drivers, you are the kind of the person that makes a kitten sad and you should stop. Now.

  • Drivers who don’t use their turn signal. If you are incapable of moving a small little lever, then you should
    stop going outside.
  • Drives who exit at the last
    second when they’re in the passing lane.
    You are the reason my wife takes
    anxiety medications.
  • Slow drivers that can’t make up their mind. If you’re
    going slow, I’m going to pass you. If you start speeding up while I’m
    attempting to pass, you’re a tool.
  • Tailgaters. Really? Just stop. On that same note, when
    I leave considerable space between myself and the car in front of me,
    that’s not an invitation to be the cream in our Oreo. I’m simply trying
    not to die if they slam on their brakes.

All jokes aside, this is dangerous behavior and you really should stop. If you’re responsible enough to have a license, then you should be responsible enough to follow the laws that allow you to keep it.

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