Many of you may know Alyson Kulp as Weber State University’s star senior softball player. In fact, from her exploits on the field she has been one of the driving forces for the team’s 25-12 season.

But Aly Kulp is more than meets the eye.

4-1 Softball v. Utah Valley (Ariana Berkemeier) (17 of 18).jpg
Senior Alyson Kulp gets ready to catch the ball being hit by Utah Valley offense. (Ariana Berkemeier / The Signpost)

In her final year, Kulp wants to leave on a high note by winning another Big Sky Conference Championship with her team. But that is not all she is looking forward to. After finishing her last year here, Kulp, a Criminal Justice major, wants to join law enforcement to become a police officer as either a special weapons and tactics (SWAT) officer or a detective.

“She is a bada–, basically just a total boss,” her teammate, senior Jazmine Thompson, said when asked to describe Kulp. “She’s our Kanye West. She is a very confident person, she is a great player and an even greater friend. And she knows that and acts like it.”

Kulp is the vocal leader for the team and like any good leader, the team has taken on her attitude. Kulp knows that with a strong work ethic and the ability to stay calm through it all that everything will turn out for the best both on the field and in life.

One thing I keep on the team’s ear is to keep working hard and to pursue excellence,” Kulp said of her work effort with the team. “Everyday you get better at something.“

But her work effort doesn’t just show up on the field. Players that have spent their careers playing with her know it is present in every aspect in her life. Senior teammate Krystin Kubo has seen that effort follow her.

“Aly is like my sister. We came in at the same time,” Kubo said of her relationship with Kulp. “So we have that relationship. She is funny and respectful. She works really hard and holds herself to a very high standard because she knows she can be great.

Kulp and the Wildcats are off to a great start to this season with an overall record of 23-12, with a 5-0 record at home and 4-1 record in conference.

“Our team goal is to win the Big Sky tournament again,” said Kulp.We just have to stay focused and be resilient.”

The team next plays April 15 – 16 at home against the Bengals of Idaho State University. They continue conference play until May 12 – 14, when they will compete in the Big Sky Conference Championship Tournament.

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